Blending Of Clay Face Bricks

As is well known by architects and builders alike, the artistic and aesthetic qualities of brick wall panels are best achieved and enhanced by paying attention to the blending of bricks, as is prescribed in many other countries.

In years gone by this was achieved by putting bricks into a wheelbarrow at random from a heap of bricks, thus mixing the bricks.

With the cube pack package of 500 bricks, this is achieved easily and without any extra costs. In addition, the builder can, in fact, show considerable savings in handling.

To achieve maximum blending effect in your wall panels, you should work with 5 or 6 packs at the same time, taking from each pack in turn.

On-Site Blending

  • Lay out stacks of bricks along the face sides of walls and about 600mm from the walls.
  • Supply the stacks by drawing from at least six cube packs simultaneously.
  • Build a reference panel on site before face work begins.
  • Make sure you have received the bricks you ordered.
  • No brick should be laid if there is any doubt regarding class, colour or quality standards.
  • If delivery fails to meet the required standards, notify your supplier or distributor within 48 hours.

Manufacturer accepts no responsibility after installation.