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Benefits Of Clay Bricks

1. Durability

Clay Brick Masonry does not rot, tarnish, fade, scuff peel, erode, or burn. Clay brick withstands severe climate zones especially, at the coast, where salt sea mist, high water tables, soluble sulphates in the soil, and rapid temperature changes combine to create a corrosive environment

2. Structural Integrity

Clay brick structures have an impressively high load-bearing capacity, high dimensional stability and compressive strength. These properties limit cracking and ensure structural integrity.

3. Sound Proof Buildings

Clay brick walls are a natural sound barrier due to clay brick’s density and thickness. Clay brick work has the ability to resist the transmission of airborne sound, supporting quieter indoor environments.

4. Energy Cost Savings

Clay brick’s thermal efficiency reduces the need for heating and air-conditioning, with lifetime savings for property owners.

5. Healthy Buildings

Clay brick is a product of the earth and does not contain chemicals or omit harmful gases during or after construction. Clay bricks have mineral properties recognised for meeting all necessary requirements for healthy, natural living.

6. Fire Resistance

Clay Brick is incombustible and therefore cannot contribute to the start or rapid spread of fire. During production, clay bricks are fired at temperatures between 1000°C and 1200°C so they are capable of resisting this level of heat without damage.

7. Water Resistance

Clay Bricks are fired in a kiln, not dried in the sun so they can withstand saturation from flood water without being adversely affected structurally. They are water-resistant and impervious to all weather. They absorb moisture so that walls that become damp, dry out just as quickly without ugly colour changes.

8. Low Maintenance

Clay face bricks or pavers require little or no maintenance ensuring the lowest life cycle costs, saving both time and money year after year. Low maintenance mitigates carbon debt associated with painting, refurbishment and replacement.

9. Security

Clay brick is a dense construction material and protects against natural disasters like flooding, lightning, and hail, as well as civil crime, vandalism, and unrest.